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Please visit our most recent Bulletin to be informed of the latest news happening in our parish. 

Access the bulletin through the link below!

Mass Times

Please visit our most recent mass schedule to be informed of the available outdoor/virtual mass times. 

Access the schedule through the link below!


􀀳􀀤􀀵􀀬􀀶􀀫􀀃􀀯􀀬􀀷􀀸􀀵􀀪􀀬􀀦􀀤􀀯􀀃􀀦􀀤􀀯􀀨􀀱􀀧􀀤Bishop Gerald Barnes

You are all aware that Bishop Gerald Barnes retired from his position as the Bishop of our diocese at the end of last month and Bishop Alberto Rojas is now the Bishop of our diocese of San Bernardo. Please take a copy of the Bulletin and read Bishop Barnes’ message of retirement and Bishop Rojas’ message of resumption of the office of the Bishop of our diocese. 

Outdoor Mass

It is important to note that as the Church continues to celebrate her Mass outdoor, it is not possible to celebrate outdoor Mass when it rains.  Therefore, there will be no outdoor Mass any time it is raining.  In such a situation, parishioners are advised to join our parish livestream Mass on such a day.   

Food Baskets

We are still signing-up families who are in need of a Food Basket. If your family is in need or you know of a family who needs a Food Basket please call the parish office to provide us with your information.

Parish Contribution Envelopes

Some of our parishioners have called our office saying they did not receive their contribution envelopes, If you or someone you know did not received contribution envelopes for the January-March quarter please call ahead or pick them up at the parish office in Rialto or Fontana during office hours, thanks. 

Statement of Parish Account

Dear parishioners, the statement of our parish Account for the month of November 2020 is available in this weekend’s bulletin. Once again thanks to all of you who have been contributing to our Sunday collections, and all who patronized the raffle fundraiser.  We appreciate those who, even when they did not attend Mass in person, try to send their tithing envelopes to our parish offices.  May the good Lord who can never be outdone in his generosity bless you abundantly with his continued favors 

DDF 2021

This year we begin our 2021 DDF Annual Appeal with inviting our parishioners to pledge their time to pray the Rosary. An envelope and rosaries will be distributed by our ushers  after the outdoor weekend masses or can be picked up at the parish office. We invite you to fill out the envelope and pledge your time to pray the Rosary for the following 5 weeks. Please forward the envelope back to the Parish Office or place them in the collection basket.  Thank you.

St. John XXIII Catholic Community Fontana, CA.

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